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Summer Camp

Ages 5-16

B.B.'s Kidventure Camp

June 17, 2019

B.B.'s Kidventure Summer camps are an excellent way to explore the arts. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Theatre performance as well as have the opportunity to write, direct, design, and act. Each camp is different, but they all end in a presentation for friends and family. 

Homeschool Theater

B.B.'s Kidventure is proud to offer year round Theater Education for Home School Students. Classes are taught by our own Director of Programs, Michelle Talkington, with the assistance of local professionals. Mrs. Talkington, owner of A Ton of Fun Theater, is a homeschooling parent and has provided classes with her curriculum for co-ops over the past 5 years. Students from ages 5-17 will have the opportunity to learn about the every aspect of the stage as well as acting. Classes may be taken for 1 or 2 semesters and children will be provided certificates of participation.

Acting for Destination Imagination

This class is Free for Charles County students, team managers, and schools. Taught at the Manager Training in Crofton, Michelle Talkington and her Kidventure team will provide classes to help students cope with the stresses of DI competition. This 2 hour class is also designed to help DI team members think creatively and work collectively. Classes are customized based on age and experience and stay in line with DI "Interference" rules. 

To schedule a class email Include your school(s), name, number of students, and student age range. Classes can be provided for a full assembly. 

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